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Permanent Makeup Southend Eyebrow Tattoo

Permanent Makeup Southend Medical Makeup

Enhancement of the natural areola
Some women have naturally pale or faded areolae and those who have undergone breast surgery may be left with uneven, asymmetrical, misplaced or discoloured areolae. Micropigmentation can be used to give a better position, colour or shape to the areolae and to dramatically improve the overall appearance of the breasts.

Areola and nipple reconstruction
Breast surgery can leave women with no areolae at all. Surgical techniques for nipple and areola reconstruction are limited often unsuccessful and many women can’t face further surgery. Permanent makeup can give the appearance of realistic looking areolae and even create the illusion of nipple protrusion, the areola tattoo(not to be confused with a normal tattoo, as they are not alike)can give a stunning 3D look. Permanent makeup Southend has a full spectrum range of colours to achieve this.

Diffusion of breast uplift or reduction scars. Scars are an unfortunate side effect of breast surgery, whether it is for medical reasons or for an increase, uplift or reduction. Paramedical cosmetics can be used to drastically reduce or camouflage these scars and even speed up the fading process using a dry needling technique.

Cleft Lip
Permanent makeup can be used to disguise a cleft lip, to soften and relax the scar tissue and to create a new, more symmetrical lip line and fill in with a natural lip colour that matches lip tone.
Scar Relaxation & Scar Camouflage
Micro pigmentation procedures have the benefit of improving the look of scarring by breaking down the taut scar tissue and creating a more even-textured surface.

This pigmentation disorder is caused by an absence of melanin in the skin. Micropigmentation can disguise the white patches and even out skin tone.
Burns are similar to scars in that the surface of the skin shrinks to give a tight, stretched appearance and is usually discoloured. Micropigmentation techniques soften burns to blend the area in with the surrounding skin.

Multitrepannic Collagen Actuation (MCA)
This is a dry needling technique to help relax the white raised or stretched surface texture of burns and scars caused by an excess of sub surface collagen. The MCA techniques break this layer down and activate the body’s self cleansing system to stimulate the re-growth of healthy collagen.

Permanent Makeup Southend Paramedical Makeup

The medical (or Paramedical Makeup that it is sometimes called) is available at all locations, utilising the best skills from the USA and the UK.  Working with GMC registered Doctors and Surgeons, permanent makeup Southend can provide the discrete and compassionate service that you desire, Please ask us about our permanent makeup prices, we will provide you with the best options that this makeup can deliver, achieving the best permanent makeup through reputation.