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Permanent Makeup Southend Eyebrow Tattoo

Permanent Makeup Southend Lips 

Lips are one of the most frequently desired physical attributes, either because a woman was born with lips that are not very full, or because the lips have lost their shape or colour. Permanent makeup Southend can give lips a natural glow, create a full lip colour that mimic’s lipstick or to correct uneven lip shape.

Permanent makeup lips, without fuss!

Subtle or a more glamorous look can be selected for your lip colour

Permanent Lip Liner
Permanent Semi Lip Colour
Permanent Full Lip Colour

Permanent Makeup Southend Essex Full Lip Colour Tattoo

Permanent Makeup Southend can tailor anything that you desire regarding your lips, as with all our other services we have  live link direct stocks of exclusive lip colours, your choice is endless!

Permanent Lip Liner

This can be used to set the look of the lips, resulting in a permanent lip liner around the outside border of the lips, this is very good for correcting shape, with an endless choice of colours.

Permanent Semi Lip Colour

This is a combination of the above and includes a colour that fades into the lips, the colour selected can be a blend or a contrast to the lip liner, to give you stunning beautiful lips.

Permanent Full Lip Colour

This includes all of the above plus much more, with a full colour covering the lips you will have makeup that does not smudge, many will envy this look as they have to keep applying their lipstick, you will look stunning with a complete look throughout!


From a natural soft pink, to red` s and brows and everything in between.

please contact us for more Permanent Makeup details and prices, make your first step to having the best makeup available without the time taken, enjoy having waterproof and smudge proof makeup.