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Permanent Makeup Southend Eyebrow Tattoo

Permanent Makeup Southend Eyes

Eyes are the windows to the soul, and they are the first place people look at when talking to you so, to ensure you send out the right messages, beautify your eyes with the permanent makeup lash enhancements and liner.


Permanent Eyeliner
Eyelash Enhancement
Shaded Eyeliner
Pearl Eyeliner
Latino Eyeliner

Permanent Makeup Southend Eyeliner

Permanent makeup eyes, without fuss!

A wide range of treatments are available in this section, from a subtle lash enhancement to a beautiful Latino eye liner, your choice is endless.  With the special techniques permanent makeup Southend uses, we ensure you have the look you want, a permanent liner that can be a crisp or smudged look is available, the liner will not run or fade, swimming, the gym or on a night out, this time saving application is very popular.  We have many clients who have their eyebrows carried out and also choose this as both treatments compliment each other.

Our makeup treatments are available across the whole Southend-On-Sea, Essex area.  please contact us for more Permanent Makeup details and prices, let us advise you on what is best for you, take you first steps to the finest permanent makeup.