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Permanent Makeup Southend Eyebrow Tattoo

Permanent Makeup Southend Eyebrows 

Eyebrows can transform your look completely. Permanent makeup can be used to create exceptionally elegant and sensational brows, whilst lifting and accentuating your eyes – a well shaped eyebrow can produce an effect similar to a face lift! The right eyebrow shape can really wake up your face and take years off, your eyes will appear wider, brighter and exceptionally refreshed whilst your face will look more youthful and ‘lifted’. 

Permanent makeup eyebrows, without fuss!

The use of the eyebrow tattoo has been carried out for many years but recently techniques have advanced fully in this area.  Permanent Makeup Southend carries this out with the dedication that you deserve, carefully placing the semi permanent makeup pigment with the shape and definition you long for, giving you the perfect brows.

Hairstroke Permanent Eyebrows

Powder Permanent Eyebrows


Permanent Makeup Southend Essex Eyebrow Tattoo

Hairstroke Brows.

Permanent makeup Southend have been carrying out the "hairstroke effect for many years, although many may be confused with the other names used(brush stroke brows, eyebrow tattoo stroke brows and many other names, this all means the same)but essentially the makeup is the same, we certainly like to just use the two simple names, (Hair stroke and powder) to keep things simple.  Our hairstroke brows will give you fine strokes that can mimic the look of hair, skilfully and clinically carried out.

Powder Brows.

The "powder Brow" look can give excellent definition and is certainly the firm favorite with many, this brows will certainly have a more glamorous look, working on a sparse eyebrows there is no other look to compare with what Permanent Makeup Southend can create.

This is the current variations of permanent makeup eyebrows, sometimes people will want one of the other or a mixture of the two, anything can be achieved, and we believe our brows are certainly the leading standard in permanent makeup, a reputation we have through from our clients.

Our services are concentrated in and around the Southend-On-Sea, Essex area although we have people come to our Southend SS postcode from all over Essex and the UK, please contact us for more Permanent Makeup details and prices.